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Our Valued Customers

Ordering and Delivery Process

1. Please select our products from our PRODUCTS menu, and please advice the product code, the product color, and the quantity you want. 
2 Please send us your LOGO to be screened or printed on the products. The logo in AI file or large image format will result in more precise and accurate final products. If any, please advice specific information about logo screening, such as Pantone color, PMS color, logo position, special requirements, etc.
3 Please advice special requirement such as preferred special packaging, partial delivery requirements, warehousing support, urgent delivery, etc.
4 We will try our best to submit you the quotation with in 48 hours.
5 If the customer approved our quotation, please sign confirm (with company stamp) or please issue the official Purchasing Order to us, together with Deposit payment (30%-40% of total order value). Please advice the customer company name, address, and detail, for the accuracy in Invoicing and Delivery process.
6 We will submit the artwork of product design with customer logo for initial consideration and first approval.
7 Customer approved the initial artwork (first approval), for us to start sampling process.
if there are changes in after this first approval, there may be additional cost:
The change related to logo printing position : no additional cost (unless the changes required reproduction of new printing film)
The change related to logo design or size (required new printing film) : additional printing film charges
The change related to product types : required new quotation and new deposit.
8 We start the Sampling process and will deliver 1 sample to customer do approval.
9 The customer consider and approve the product sample (Second approval)
***After this Second approval, there are no change allowed.
10 We start the Mass Production process
11 After production process and Quality check completed, we will contact the customer to schedule the delivery, and receiving the final balance payment.
We provide free delivery in the Bangkok and vicinity area, or delivery the product to Bangkok port to airport for the exportation.
For delivery outside Bangkok, we can arrange the delivery with couriers or logistic transports that best fit the customer requirements
Here below are ways that you can send enquiry and orders to us:
- via phone
at +66 (0) 2-4026113 , (0) 34-876333-7 , (0) 86-3344375 , (0) 86-4481290 Our operator and Sales team are available during Monday to Friday : 09.00 – 18.00
- via E-Mail
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please send us your information (Name, phone number, company detail) with your requirements to us, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.
- via Fax
At +66 (0) 34-876338 Please send us your information (Name, phone number, company detail) with your requirements to us, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.
- via SKYPE : phrongintertrade1
- via Facebook :
- via Line, What’s App : +66 (0) 89 668 6470

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